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ruggine su foglia rosa

A very simple disease to spot and it really looks like rust in both color and touch. The optimal conditions for the development of this mycelium are the presence of water and temperatures ranging from 18 ° to 25 °.
It manifests itself with the formation of small yellow / orange spots on the upper side of the leaf, while in the lower part you can see powdery yellow buds. As the disease progresses it tends to a color
  blackish. The plants most affected are

firs, clematis, geranium, rose, peach.

The active ingredients most used in the fight are fungicides such as copper and products containing zinc. Products to be sprayed in case of illness every 15 days. approximately until healing and preventively every six months.

There are also natural remedies to defeat rust such as natural infusions of garlic or nettles with which to water the plant; both disinfect the soil by eliminating the rust-carrying fungus. Remember that the natural cure with the infusion must be repeated every 4 months, even when the rust is gone. Some useful products alongside.

ruggine su foglia rosa
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