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libro giardinaggio

A gardening classic, updated with images and information on over 1,000 new plants. The perfect plant for every garden? It exists, and it will be easy to identify it thanks to an illustrated work that describes over 8,000 species and varieties. For each type, from trees to ornamental shrubs, from aquatic to exotic plants, the book presents practical and technical advice, with additional information dedicated to the most popular plants. Contains an unpublished introduction designed for those who want to design the garden

Libro giardinaggio

I n this illustrated manual, all the information within the reach of enthusiasts to design, set up, take care of the garden. With the cards of the most suitable plants according to the needs and tastes, the climate and the needs of water and exposure .

libro colori fiori

A color guide for plant enthusiasts, professionals and event organizers by Putnam & Putnam, a New York-based floral designer. "Il colore dei fiori" is a reference book that catalogs the varieties by color, enhancing seasonal availability and suggesting creative color schemes. The 400 flowers, photographed at the height of their beauty by Putnam & Putnam, are reproduced in the appendix on detachable cards to simulate every possible composition, ambology and popular beliefs.

An author's guide to approach the world of plants and flowers: an extraordinary vegetable catalog in which nature and culture are indissolubly merged. The essential encyclopedia to cultivate the "passion" of the garden. Genera, species, varieties, hybrids. Properties and uses of plants. Symbology and popular beliefs.

libro botanica per giardinieri
prodotti giardinaggio

It is a refined volume for those who love the world of plants and flowers, a practical guide for gardeners, a source of information for the insatiable onlookers and a beacon in the fog for green-fingered enthusiasts. Embellished with elegant illustrations, this volume explains in a detailed but understandable way over 3,000 botanical terms. The scientific notions are clear and accessible

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