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Red spider

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Like  recognize it and how it works
The spider mite is a polyphagous mite, infesting many vegetables, ornamental trees and herbaceous plants by attacking the leaves and feeding on the cytoplasm. The main symptom is the discoloration of the foliage which, once struck, appears covered with bronzed specks. Following the attack, the plants dissect and the leaves begin to fall. It is good to be very careful because, if the infestation is in an evolved phase it can lead the plant to death. They can also be recognized from under the leaves and in the larval stage they are generally transparent white.

In the case of tomato plants, the drying of the leaves also causes the burn of the fruits due to the fall of the foliage. 
To fight it, the best and ecological solution is the insertion of live ladybugs, now various sites are online and they ship the insects in containers with enough food for transport. The ladybug is greedy for these parasites and is able to devour them in large quantities, helping us to free the plants from their infestation.

The little red spider loves dry and warm environments so spray  on the leaves it drives them away.
Then there are many specific insecticide products.


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