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Mal white powdery mildew

Powdery mildew or white sore

It is a widespread disease especially in summer and can be resolved with sodium bicarbonate-based treatments in the initial phase or later with sulfur-based products and systemic fungicides. Some sulfur-based formulations, however, become phytotoxic at very high temperatures, so you have to be careful to choose the right product; another excellent alternative is to choose a product based on its antagonist fungus Ampelomyces quisqualis. The fungi responsible for the disease are favored by a humid environment (ideal temperature between 15 and 23 ° C), and by the rains or irrigations that wet the foliage.


Recognizing the disease is quite simple, already in the photos it is clear what the main symptoms are, more or less widespread white spots, in roses they look like a white veil, in zucchini first round white spots begin to appear and then they widen to cover everything The leaf. Let's see an example of the photo above in Salvia, the leaves of this aromatic plant have a rough surface and are covered with thin hair and this particular texture makes them an optimal environment for the rooting of the fungus and the subsequent multiplication of the spores.  


oidio su pianta di salvia
oidio su salvia
prodotti giardinaggio



The Rose is one of the ornamental plants most affected by the white disease.  white mal affects the leaves, flowers and buds  covering them with a white mold. The affected leaves stop their development, curl up, turn yellow and fall, so it is necessary to intervene immediately.  


oidio su foglia zucchina



Zucchini powdery mildew, also known as white sore, is a fungal disease. It is important to know how to recognize it to prevent it before it completely attacks the plant. Avoid watering the leaves but prefer a drop plant, the fungus proliferates with humidity. The intervention with products based on sulfur or anti powdery mildew should be done as soon as the first symptoms of white spots appear.



Even the hedges are often affected by the white sickness and in this case we can intervene with specific and systemic products.

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