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Multiplication of plants by Taleea

A cutting is a small piece of plant (branches, leaves or apexes) which, when placed in the ground or in water, roots giving life to a new plant: it is a very simple system that allows you to obtain an infinite number of identical daughter plants in a short time. to the mother.

The cutting from branch to earth:
It is one of the many plant reproduction techniques
  and concerns woody plants and perennial herbaceous plants. If you want to start in spring, choose twigs from the previous year, while in late summer use the more lignified ones of the year. 10-20 cm long twigs are taken with at least 3-4 buds, cut under a gem with a diagonal cut and this will be the part to be buried. We then proceed with removing the leaves at the base leaving only those at the top of the cutting. If you want to speed up the germination you can use the rooting powder. Place each cutting in a jar with a mixture of peat and sand, burying it for two thirds; wet the substrate and place the container in a cool place (between 15 and 25 ° C), on average bright but without direct sunlight.  One of the simplest cuttings is that of Geranium and a small piece of about 12 cm is cut, leaving two or 3 leaves and as a suggestion is to cut the leaves in half so the plant concentrates the growth in the production of roots.

The branch cutting in water:
An alternative to rooting in the ground is represented by immersion in water, suitable for oleander, papyrus, potos, singonio, philodendron, spatifillo. Twigs of about 12 cm are always taken and immersed in water. The water does not change but is topped up.


Let's see the periods for the Cuttings for some of our plants


The best time to take a rose cutting is around August, obviously it is possible to perform the operation also in the previous 2 months and in the following 2 (June / July and September / October). In principle, the right period is the one in which the rose has finished its flowering.


The right month to multiply evergreen shrubs for hedges is August. The heat and the refreshing storms in fact offer the right conditions to obtain the cuttings of essences such as abelia, aucuba, berberis, cotoneastro, cherry laurel, evonimo, lavender, lonicera.


The best time to take a hydrangea cutting is autumn, as soon as the plants have faded.


When to multiply geraniums by cuttings? The most suitable period falls with the beginning of spring or autumn. In the first mild days of spring, or at the beginning of autumn, take some 10-15 cm long twigs from the mother plant.


In spring or late summer by cutting the tops of the non-flowering side twigs.


This technique is carried out during the spring period, when the woody branches of the jasmine are ready to be cut.


The period to carry out the multiplication of the fig tree by cuttings falls at the beginning of March.


Between the end of July and September, vegetative apexes are taken from plants about 10-13 cm long.

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